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 Enjoy Eastertide Evenings from your own home
Each topic runs over two evenings, a total of 4 hours tuition and discussion plus a 15 minute break on each evening
Experience Lectures & Discussion
Interactive Real-time Participation
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1.  The Resurrection of Christ
Tuesday 28th and Thursday 30th April

Having recently celebrated the Passion and Resurrection of the Lord during Holy Week and Easter, over these two evenings, the Academy of the Annunciation invites you to contemplate this central mystery of our Catholic Christian faith.  We will consider the Gospel accounts of the resurrection of Christ, discuss how Christ’s resurrection differs from the raising of Lazarus, answer  common objections to the truth of the resurrection, and will see why this matters in our own lives.

2.  The Road to Emmaus (Luke 24) and the Mass
Tuesday 5th and Thursday 7th May

Over the course of these two evenings, we explore this Resurrection day story in the Gospel of St Luke.  Wouldn’t we have loved to have been there as the “Lord interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself” (Lk 24:27) beginning with Moses and all the prophets?  Looking carefully at this text from Luke 24, we will see how our experience at Holy Mass mirrors the experience of these disciples on Resurrection day.

3.   The Life of St Peter – Models in Discipleship
Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th May

During these two evenings, we consider some of the key events in the life of St Peter and how these events serve as models in our own life of discipleship.  We will consider the process of conversion, the disciplines of the integrated Christian Life, and the qualities of a mature follower and friend of Christ.  Jesus is calling each one of us to a deep personal intimate friendship with Him.  Come and consider how the lessons from the life of St Peter can help us and encourage us to follow the Lord more fervently.

4.   The Path of Prayer – Meditation and Contemplation
Tuesday 19th and Thursday 21st May

Meditation and Contemplation are central aspects of Christian prayer.  Over the course of these two evenings, we consider the path of prayer, and how meditation and contemplation are central to the life of the soul as it moves toward closer union with God.  We will see the distinctive aspects of Christian meditation (in contradistinction to eastern or transcendental meditation); we will learn how to begin practising Christian meditation, and how to prepare for infused contemplation, discovering that every Christian is called to this kind of prayer.

5.   Reasons for Faith in a Scientific Age
Tuesday 26th and Thursday 28th May

Does the truth of the Catholic faith contradict the truth of science?  Do current scientific therories disprove the Catholic faith?  In light of modern science, can we still posit the existence of God?  Don’t the big bang, evolution, and the proper scientific understanding of nature eliminate the need to believe in the existence of God?  These are some of the questions we will consider over the course of these two evenings. 

6.   Is Catholic Moral Teaching Outdated?
Tuesday 2nd and Thursday 4th June 

Come and consider the moral teaching of the Catholic Church – today, perhaps the most misunderstood aspect of the Catholic Faith.  Our family members and friends who are non-Catholic, or only culturally Catholic, wonder why the Catholic Church seems to continue to impose so many obligations on people.  Over the course of these two evenings, we consider some of the most common objections of our time, and learn how to move beyond the realm of obligation and see the link between Catholic moral teaching and the Good News of Jesus Christ.


The Structure of the Evenings

Each evening runs from 7.00pm to 9.15pm.  There are two sessions with a short break in between.

How it works

Once you have registered, you will receive three emails during the day of each evening.  The first will inlcude a timetable for the evening and other important information.  The second and third emails will contain a link for the two evening sessions.

On the first of the two evenings, there is an optional practice meeting at 6.30pm – for anyone who wishes to practice clicking the link and making sure they can see and hear without any problems.  Then, we begin at 7pm with the first session.  To “enter the meeting room”, you simply click the link in your email, follow the directions, and you are in!  There is no need for any advanced computer or technical skill and no need for any App, not to down-load anything.

Real-time Interactive Partcipation

Once you are in the “meeting room”, you can see and hear everything.  If you simply want to listen, no need to do anything further.  If, on the other hand, you wish to particpate in the the discussions, you can un-mute your microphone.   You also have the option to turn on your web-cam so that others in the classroom can see you.  You can ask questions, contribute to the discussion and particpate just as you would if your were onsite – all from the comfort of your home!

The Cost and the 6 for 5 Discount

Each two evening course (Tuesday and Thursday 7pm to 9.15pm) costs only £25 per person (for both evenings), and there’s a 6 for 5 discount – You can sign up for 6 two evening courses for the price of 5;  or 6 people can be signed up at once with a payment for 5.

Come and Join Us!

Since it looks as though the lock-down may not be ending very soom, the Academy of the Annunciation wants to help Catholics and enquirers to stay better connected by offering live lectures (via video conference) with inter-active discussion and real-time participation, all from the comfort of your lock-down.

As the Easter Season continues and reaches its conclusion, these evening encounters give us opportunities to discuss our Catholic Faith, and are the perfect occasions to connect with other Catholics – perhaps over a glass of wine or a cup of tea! [Provide your own wine or beverage of choice in your lock-down.]

Come and join us!  We look forward to seeing you and hearing from you in our virutal meeting room.

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