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Registration is open for our one year Certificate Courste – Newman Catechetical Certificate : Reasons for Faith and for our two year Diploma programme – St John Diploma in Spirtual Formation, both starting at the end of September / beginning of October.

For information about the one year Newman Catechetical Certificate : Reasons for Faith CLICK HERE

For informaiton about the two year St John Diploma in Spiritual Formation CLICK HERE

In addition, registration is open for the following June Study Days and 90 minute “Tasters”:

June Study Days:

  1. “Grace and truth have come through Jesus Christ” (Jn 1:17) – Why Catholic Prayers are always “through Christ our Lord” when the Bible invites us to pray “in Jesus’ name”
    Wednesday 17th June
  2. Passion and Emotion – The Catholic Perspective
    Saturday 20th June
  3. Adam & Eve in the Garden – Why the First Sin was so Catestrophic
    Wednesday 24th June
  4. Whey we call the Priest “Father” and Other Questions about the Priesthood
    Saturday 27th June

Tasters for a Tenner

  1. Who do you say that I AM” – An Introduction to the Person of Jesus Christ
    Tuesday 16th June
  2. Why bother with the Church?
    Thursday 18th June
  3. Do good morals really lead to happiness?
    Tuesday 23rd June
  4. Getting to know our English Martyrs
    Thursday 25th June
  5. How to get more from the Sunday Readings
    Tuesday 30th June
  6. Who needs friends in High Places? – The Saints
    Thursday 2nd July

For information and to register for a June Study Day please CLICK HERE

For information and to register for a 90 minute “Taster” please CLICK HERE

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