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Feedback from Students

“I have been on various courses with the AoA for the past year and can’t praise the Doctors highly enough.  They are very clear in their teaching and presentation on complex aspects and their knowledge is unsurpassable.  They are very patient and inspiring. They encourage questions and debate to ensure the lesson has been understood.  I have learnt a tremendous amount and have embarked on the 1 year course.  Nothing is too much trouble for them and they will provide support on a personal level.”  – Student in Bournemouth

I was uncertain whether to sign up to the 1 year course as I feared that my knowledge would be too basic.  However, I have found the first few sessions fascinating and not daunting thanks to the brilliant way in which the Doctors ‘unpack’ the Faith and sometimes difficult readings.  My confidence in talking to others about my Faith is ever increasing and I know it will be more so as I advance. I am not a Catholic but I am seriously considering converting.”   – Student in Bournemouth

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for today’s session!!!! IT WAS AMAAAZING!!! I am absolutely speechless from what you were talking about today! So very incredible! I almost feel like I am getting graces to understand deeper as you speak! I had a few of those strong…I don’t know what to call it…those moments of awe and unworthiness from getting that understanding or knowledge, where things are just clear like with a click of a finger!”  – Student from Portsmouth Diocese

I was not sure what to expect with a Spiritual Formation course. I thought it may be all about feelings and how to pray. Instead it focuses on the hidden part of us, our soul.  Through understanding our soul, we can more fully participate in discipleship and to know and love God more intimately.  I am thoroughly enjoying this course and our excellent tutors make the complex accessible. It is proving beneficial to my prayer life already.
A student studying our 2 year St John Diploma : Spiritual Formation course

“The Spiritual Formation course is excellent.  The course takes us through the scriptural foundations and logic that supports the teaching of the Church.   It expands our understanding of the richness of the Church’s teaching which helps to strengthen my faith.  The course also equips me in delivering talks and courses within my diocese and parish.  I am more confident and knowledgeable in this and in ministering to Catholics and others, including evangelising.  The teaching is very accessible but is rigorous.  The learning is consolidated by having to submit short essays which are returned with comments.  I am from an engineering and business background and this new area of learning is exciting.”
A student tudying our 2 year St John Diploma : Spiritual Formation course

“The Academy’s online study days have been and are a golden opportunity to explore, learn and understand more about different aspects of our Faith.  They are absolutely wonderful and I cannot recommend them highly enough”
AoA student from Sussex

“I wanted to thank you for the great gift you gave to our community with the study day last Saturday!  I know all the sisters share my sentiments of gratitude, and it was greatly enjoyed by everyone.  It is so refreshing, especially in our day and age, to have people like yourselves who can expound the Church’s teaching with clarity and fidelity.  We felt the programme was very well structured in terms of the length of each session and the time you provided for people to make comments and ask questions, which gave it all a very friendly feel.  I would love to be able to get you to do a course just for our sisters around the world.  We continue to …… pray for you, that, in these times when it becomes increasingly difficult to speak the truth, the Lord and our Immaculate Mother may fill you always with the Holy Spirit and grant you ever more fully the gift of fortitude, to enable you to always defend the Truth even when it is difficult.”
– Mother Superior of Religious Sisters in London (UK)

“Thanks for the awesome lectures! I especially loved Tuesday since I am in need of improving my arguments when faced with challenging people!”
– Medical Doctor & Pathologist in Los Angeles, California

“Thank you very much for the Study Days. We have enjoyed them very much.  We have gained an enormous amount of knowledge!”
– Married couple in Bristol (UK)

“The Study Day was Excellent!”
– Doctor of Bioethics in Rome, Italy

“These study days are one of the best things  that has happened to me – an obvious ‘Godincidence’ …..”
Retired in London

“It was such a wonderful privilege to take part in at least some of the Study Days with you. I would love to have done all of them!  I value the teaching I have already absorbed from you. I am looking forward to the study day on Saturday.”
– Catholic writer, Ireland

“Thank you so much! The study days are really wonderful!”  – Grandparent in Spain

“Thank you for the excellent teaching on the Road to Emmaus!”
– Grandparent in Galway, Ireland

“Many thanks for yesterday’s session on the Road  to Emmaus! – Your comments on the Eucharist were profound and ‘indeed our hearts burned within us’!”
– Teacher in Exeter (UK)

“Thank you for your amazing study day on Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!  I hope to join you soon for some more sessions!”
– Nurse in East Sussex

“Amazing!!! That was a great learning day! Thanks so much for this! Praying for you all.”
– Single Mother in Knock, Ireland

“We really enjoyed your talk and found it a revelation!  We were totally unaware of these counter arguments concerning evolution and are quite amazed! As far as we are concerned, your explanation was a great relief to some nagging doubts.”
– Married Couple in Southwest England

“We really enjoy the Study Days and find them very beneficial.”
– Married couple in Devon (UK)

“From October my friends Dr Denise Clare Oliver and Dr Christina Pal are offering an online diploma in Spiritual Theology.  I can highly recommend their orthodox, passionate and friendly teaching style. They have helped me in my spiritual life and I think this course could help many people to a deeper knowledge of the faith and intimacy with the Lord.  I think the course will convey some of the finest Catholics teaching in a way that will be accessible.”
– Transitional Deacon in Rome, Italy

“The courses were very informative and presented in a way that was suitable for everybody. They were very educational and lots of fun.  It was great to have group participation  as well in the discussions.  I learnt a lot and would highly recommend these courses! I wish the academy every success!”
– Student in Oxford (UK)

“The Sacred Heart Study Day was very insightful.  As a Catholic convert, I feel that there are areas of the Faith that I still need to understand.  This study day enriched me as to what the Church and the Popes have said down through the ages. I found the part about Eucharistic miracles fascinating, and I began to understand the stream of thought that flows through Christianity …”  

– Professional Church Musician in Winchester (UK)

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