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SUMMER CONFERENCE: 12 – 14 June 2020

I thought of the soul as resembling a castle, formed of a single diamond or a very transparent crystal, and containing many rooms, just as in heaven there are many mansions …

Rarely do we reflect upon what gifts our souls may posess, Who dwells within them, or how extremely precious they are …

Let us imagine … that there are many rooms in this castle … in the centre, in the very midst of them all, is the principal chamber in which God and the soul hold their most secret intercourse.
Think over this comparison very carefully; God grant it may enlighten you about the different kinds of graces He is pleased to bestow upon the soul.
St Teresa of Avila (The First Mansions)

Jesus calls each and every disciple to the heights of holiness.  The Second Vatican Council called this the Universal Call to Holiness. The Catechism of the Catholic Church too emphasises this doctrine of the universal call to holiness.  In the fourth and final section of the Catechism, the section on prayer, St Teresa of Avila is one of the most quoted Doctos of the Church.  In fact, one of her other titles is “Doctor of Prayer.”

In this three-day conference, we shall learn from the great Doctor of the Universal Church, St Teresa of Avila, focusing in particular on her mature work, The Interior Castle.

Through the lens of her image of the castle (which represents the soul), we will explore her teaching concerning the path of prayer; we shall examine the various stages of prayer through which the soul normatively passes as it moves toward closer union with the Lord.  And we will see that every baptised soul is called to this path.

In this conference we will consider meditation and contemplation, and we will see what it looks like when the soul passes from one to the other.

In his encyclical letter Redemptoris Missio promoting the New Evangelization, St John Paul II teaches that “the kingdom will grow insofar as every person learns to turn to God in the intimacy of prayer.”

The Academy of the Annunciation invites you to come and spend three days with the Doctor of Prayer, learn how to deepen your life of prayer and how to prepare to receive the gift of infused contemplation.

And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.
ACTS 2:42

During this conference, we follow in the footsteps of the early Christians, studying together, praying together, and being nourished together at the Eucharistic Banquet. There are also opportunities to enjoy social time and fellowship with staff members, fellow disciples, and the Oratory Fathers.

Places are limited. Please register as soon as possible to ensure you have a reserved place.

Cost for the Conference (including accommodation, meals, and parking): £465.

This Conference begins on Friday morning and ends on Sunday afternoon. If you would like to extend the hotel booking of your room (at the discounted rate) on either the previous (Thursday), or following (Sunday) night(s), or both, please contact us.

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